The winner will be determined in the seventh match

The winner will be determined in the seventh match

Unlike the fourth match of the series, which also took place in Cherepovets, CSKA failed to make a result in the first period. There were moments, but Alexander Samonov played reliably. In general, the nature of the game in the opening period was equal, this is evidenced by the statistics of shots on target — 8:7 in favor of Severstal. As a result — 0:0 after twenty minutes of the game. 

In the second period, luck turned to the hosts. A little more than four minutes after the start of the period, Daniil Pylenkov threw from under the defender and hit the Reideborn goal. The CSKA team had a number of excellent moments, but the implementation failed again, and then the removal of Nikita Nesterov crippled the game. Alexander Petunin ran to the goal of CSKA and doubled the advantage of Severstal. 2:0 in favor of the hosts after forty minutes of the game. 

The third period began again with a setback. The next dissmissal of CSKA was converted by the hosts. Nikita Rozhkov made the score 3-0 with a powerful throw. Alas, for the remaining time CSKA could not catch up with the opponent. The seventh match of the series in Moscow is ahead. 



  • 24:05 1:0 (Severstal). 44 Pylenkov Daniil (19 Press Robin, 28 Vovchenko Daniil).
  • 38:27 2:0 (Severstal). 31 Alexander Petunin (44 Daniil Pylenkov, 33 Alexander Samonov).
  • 41:51 3:0 (Severstal). 93 Rozhkov Nikita (19 Press Robin, 89 Geraskin Igor).