These Rules determine the standards of conduct of spectators in the Sports Facility when attending ice hockey Matches held in the Russian Federation and in foreign countries where a home Match of a foreign Club is played.

  1. General provisions:
    1. The Spectators are the persons who enter the Sports Facility, have an entrance ticket, season pass, invitation or other documents of a standard form and are not involved in organization of the Match and any arrangements for holding the Match;
    2. In order to ensure the safety of certain categories of spectators the organizer of the Match may introduce special Match attendance conditions for such categories subject to mandatory notification of the decision to the Sports Facility administration, law enforcement agencies and spectators prior to commencement of ticket sales;
    3. By entering the Sports Facility the spectators accept and voluntarily fulfil requirements of the Rules in force during their entire visit to the Sports Facility;
    4. Compliance with the Rules shall be monitored by the organizers of the Match, co-organizers of the Match, law enforcement officers and fire safety inspectors as well as Sports Facility personnel engaged in entrance control, seating spectators and public order maintenance (Sports Facility security personnel, private security companies, stewards, administrators, volunteers, etc.);
    5. The spectators that do not comply with the Rules as well as the persons subject to the court order that took legal effect in accordance with the legislation and prohibits such persons from visiting competition venues on the days of holding competitions shall be refused entry to the Sports Facility or shall be removed from the venue without ticket price refund and if they commit unlawful acts they shall be held administratively or criminally liable;
    6. Organizers and co-organizers of the Match shall have the right to take photos or videos of spectators for the purpose to unlawful activities prevention;
    7. A breach of the Rules by a spectator shall serve as the grounds for the organizers of the Match, co-organizers of the Match and Sports Facility administration to consider refusing the violator the entry to the Sports Facility at the time of holding other ice hockey Matches.
  2. Spectators have the right to:
    1. Enter the Sports Facility before and during the Match if they have the tickets, season passes, invitations or other documents of a standard form. The time when admittance to the Sports Facility starts shall be determined by the joint decision of the organizer of the Match, Sports Facility administration and law enforcement agencies. The number of times a spectator may enter the Sports Facility during one Match having the ticket, season pass or other documents shall be determined by the Sports Facility administration;
    2. Enjoy all the services provided by organizers of the Match, co-organizers of the Match and administration of the Sports Facility;
    3. Bring to their seats in the Sports Facility and use:
      • tobacco products and lighters provided that they are used in the zones specially designated for smoking only,
      • merchandise officially sold by Clubs in Sports Facilitie;
    4. Representatives of fan associations shall be allowed, for the purpose to supporting the team in the Fan and Host sections and subject to designating the fans responsible for each item of the support accessories specified below, to bring and use:
      • drums with one membrane and open bottom, diameter of up to 60 cm and height of up to 40 cm, with standard drumsticks,
      • banners of various configurations provided that they are placed at the stands in the way that does not create inconveniences for other spectators watching the Match. Their position in the Sports Facility shall be determined by a representative of the Club organizing the Match who is responsible for the safety in consultation with the Sports Facility administration, senior law enforcement officer of the security control center at the Match and EMERCOM representative. The banners shall be made of non-flammable materials (treated with special compounds) and have the appropriate fire safety certificates. The content of the banners shall be aimed only at supporting the Club and shall not contain offensive, obscene, provocative, defamatory texts, words, symbols, images,
      • flags attached to a hollow plastic staff. The length of the staff cannot exceed 1.5 m. The flags shall be made of non-flammable materials (treated with special compounds) and have the appropriate fire safety certificates. The use of such flags is allowed in the Host and Fan sections. The content of images on the flags shall be aimed only at supporting the Club and shall not contain offensive, obscene, provocative, defamatory texts, words, symbols, images,
      • Ð other team support accessories. The use of other support accessories may be allowed by the joint decision of the organizers, Sports Facility administration and the senior law enforcement officer of the security control center.
    5. The support accessories containing words and expressions in the official languages of republics of the Russian Federation or official languages of the countries whose Clubs participate in the Championship shall have a translation certified by the Club.
    6. The team support accessories containing words and phrases in a foreign language must have a notarized translation.
    7. he team support accessories containing abbreviations and combinations of digits shall have a written explanation of the meaning of such abbreviations and combinations of digits certified by the Club.
    8. The owners of the aforementioned accessories shall show them 1.5 hours before the Match to representatives of the organizer of the Match, co-organizer of the Match, Sports Facility administration, security control center and EMERCOM who check them for compliance with the requirements.
    9. In case of violation by the fans of the Rules, it may be decided to ban the use of the aforementioned accessories at ice hockey Matches;
    10. Take photos or videos without accreditation using cameras with the lens length not exceeding 20 cm and without any additional equipment, such as tripods, etc. (if their use is not banned by the organizer of the Match and the ticket, season pass or invitation should contain information on such bans).
  3. The spectators must:
    1. Show to entrance control personnel the tickets, season passes, invitations and other documents giving the right to enter the Sports Facility as well as the permits for cars to drive to the surrounding area;
    2. Undergo screening (body search) and display personal belongings for inspection when entering the Sports Facility and in some cases when entering the surrounding fenced area in order to ensure security and prevent smuggling in prohibited items;
    3. Take seats in accordance with the tickets, season passes and invitations;
    4. Fulfil lawful instructions of the organizer of the Match, co-organizer of the Match, Sports Facility administration, law enforcement officers and fire safety inspectors, observe public order and generally accepted standards of conduct;
    5. Immediately inform the Sports Facility administration and law enforcement officers about any suspicious items, smoke or fire, law infringements being committed, other security threats;
    6. Treat property of the Sports Facility with care, respect cleanliness;
    7. In the case of injury of a person or damage to property of a person as well as damage to property of a legal entity, including the organizer and co-organizer of the «home» Match, indemnify for such injury or damage in full in accordance with the procedure specified by the legislation not excepting satisfaction by him/her (the spectator) of the counterclaim (recourse) of the person that initially indemnified for the injury/damage;
    8. Observe the generally accepted standards of conduct and show respect to the national symbols when before the Match of the Championship there is played the State Anthem of the Russian Federation, anthems of republics of the Russian Federation, anthems of foreign states.
  4. The spectators are prohibited from:
    1. Being in the Sports Facility under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other intoxicants;
    2. Bringing to the Sports Facility and using:
      • alcoholic drinks,
      • any kind of weapons and ammunition,
      • piercing and cutting objects,
      • smoke bombs,
      • flares,
      • signal rockets,
      • firecrackers,
      • pyrotechnic products,
      • other substances, items, products including homemade, the use of which may lead to smoke generation, fire and other adverse effects,
      • devices and products, including homemade, not being pyrotechnic products, used for scattering or dispersing different materials and substances (compressed air poppers, etc.),
      • flammable, explosive, toxic and poisonous substances as well as pungent smelling substances,
      • flammable, fire hazardous materials and objects,
      • colorants,
      • narcotic drugs,
      • radioactive materials,
      • nerve and tear gas canisters,
      • laser devices,
      • other objects that can be used as weapons,
      • cans, glass and plastic food containers, bottles,
      • bulky items (any objects whose dimensions in length, width and height exceed 40 × 40 × 20 cm),
      • sound amplification equipment,
      • pipes, whistles of any size, made of any material,
      • rattles made of any material,
      • radio sets,
      • promotional materials of an extremist nature or containing Nazi and/or extremist paraphernalia or symbols;
    3. Smoking, using electronic cigarettes and other devices simulating the process of tobacco smoking in the places where it is forbidden by the Sports Facility administration;
    4. Starting the fire;
    5. Throwing objects onto the stands, ice and area around it and intentional throwing of objects at spectators, Players, Coaches, Referees, representatives of Clubs, Sports Facility, law enforcement officers, officials of the competition organizer. The exception is throwing caps onto the ice by fans if during one Match of the Championship a player of the playing teams scores 3 (hat-trick) or more goals. Throwing caps onto the ice under these circumstances is adherence to the world hockey tradition and is not dangerous for participants of the Match.
    6. Wearing and flaunting as well as using emblems, symbols and other Nazi and extremist paraphernalia as well as using emblems and symbols confusingly similar to them; publicly displaying any extremist paraphernalia;
    7. Using words and expressions as well as gestures of fascist and racist nature;
    8. Using obscene, offensive, defamatory words and expressions as well as gestures;
    9. Using the symbols, banners, chants, shouts or gestures that incite social, racial, religious, national and interstate hatred as well as social, racial, religious, national and interstate superiority;
    10. Insulting other persons including using the team support accessories and paraphernalia and committing other actions discrediting the honor, dignity and business reputation of a person or a group of persons or a legal entity;
    11. Using items of clothes and other objects and methods to hide the face;
    12. Violating public morals and norms of behavior by baring body parts while in the Sports Facility;
    13. Behaving in a provocative or threatening way in respect of spectators and participants of the Match, creating threats to their life and safety or life and safety of other people or endangering anyone in any way whatsoever;
    14. Going beyond the fences to the ice rink and onto the ice rink, to locker rooms of the teams and Referees, to press centers and other auxiliary premises;
    15. Entering the areas adjacent to the Sports Facility, access to which is restricted by the organizer of the Match or the owner of the Sports Facility, as well as entering the Sports Facility zones not indicated in the ticket or in the document that substitutes it, access to which is restricted by the organizer of the Match or the owner of the Sports Facility (ice rink and technical zones around the boards, media zone, zone for distinguished guests, technical premises, etc.);
    16. Being in the aisles or on the stairs during the Match, interfering with the movement of participants and spectators, standing on chairs, jumping, simulating illegal actions, climbing on fences, parapets, lighting equipment, masts, supporting structures, doing damage to property of the Sports Facility and spectators;
    17. Bringing animals to the Sports Facility;
    18. Committing any political acts;
    19. Taking any public actions not approved by the organizer of the Match;
    20. Selling or otherwise distributing advertising materials, souvenirs, materials of political, religious and racist nature (including posters, leaflets, brochures);
    21. Touting tickets to the Match.