The Sirius Cup has started in Sochi

The Sirius Cup has started in Sochi

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Sochi hosted the first game day at the Sirius Cup, which is attended by players born in 2009.

In the first match of the game day, the Moscow national team beat their peers from the Siberian Federal District — 5:4. CSKA striker Artyom Mishin played as part of the Moscow team. Daniil Martynov, the goalkeeper of CSKA 2009, was also included in the application for the match.

Later, the Russian national team defeated the Belarusian team with a score of 12:1. The coaching staff of the Russian team includes CSKA 2009 coach Mikhail Deev, and seven representatives of the CSKA school took to the ice in this game: defenders Fedor Andreev, Ivan Rossinsky and Vladimir Shtyrkhunov, forwards Daniil Ermolov, Nazar Privalov, Dmitry Savin and Bogdan Yakushevsky. The CSKA payers actively participated in the victory. The most productive player of the match was Privalov, who scored 5 (3+2) points. In addition to him, Savin also scored a hat-trick. Yakushevsky scored 4 (1+3) points, Rossinsky and Ermolov scored 3 (1+2) each, Shtyrkhunov scored a goal and an assist.