Russia U-16 won the second match at the Sirius Cup

Russia U-16 won the second match at the Sirius Cup

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The Russian national team met with the team of the Ural Federal District. A lot of changes were made to the team compared to the first game, this time only three representatives of the CSKA Hockey School took the ice. Defender Daniil Skvortsov played in the second pair and with the stripe of the assistant captain, his fellow player Bogdan Pestretsov was in the third five, striker Roman Rizvanov - in the fourth. The Russian national team won with a score of 4:2. Pestretsov became the assistant of the first delivering of the puck, and the winning goal was scored from Rizvanov's transfer.

The Moscow national team, for which the pupils of the army school also play, was defeated by the Central Federal District team in the second round - 4:5, despite the fact that after the first period it led 4-0. Army men Ivan Ryabkin and Nikita Esipov scored goals, and Alexey Filippov recorded two apples.

The matches of the third game day will take place today.