The CSKA ARENA hosted the graduation of the Hockey School

The CSKA ARENA hosted the graduation of the Hockey School

Today, the CSKA ARENA hosted the graduation party and the closing ceremony of the 2022/23 season at the CSKA Hockey School. Hockey players of all ages and their coaches were awarded with cups and medals won during the season, as well as memorable gifts from the club. Players born in 2006 also received certificates of graduation.  

The ceremony was attended by: the president of the CSKA PHC Igor Esmantovich, the sports director of the club Denis Denisov, the director of the CSKA CS Alexey Deev, the first deputy head of the FAO of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation CSKA Svetlana Khorkina, as well as a graduate of the CSKA school, the winner of the Gagarin Cup-2023 Prokhor Poltapov. 

— This is an important day for the development of our children and youth. According to the tradition laid down since Soviet times, we take such an event very seriously, — said Igor Esmantovich. — CSKA is not only about a sport of high achievements, but also a philosophy of victory. It consists of many elements that are laid down from a young age. That's exactly what we're doing today. Former graduates of the school, like Prokhor Poltapov, are happy to come to such events. It is an honor for them to pass the baton to the youth. It is impossible not to mention the Rosneft company, which carries out our life at this stadium, as well as on trips, at training camps, provides all the necessary products and equipment. Thanks to Igor Ivanovich Sechin and Rosneft!

Several 2006 hockey players have already signed professional contracts with CSKA and will play in the Junior Hockey League next season. One of them is defender Matvey Shuravin, who shared his impressions of completing the path in junior hockey: 

— Last season was very interesting. Not everything worked out, but I am proud to have been in this team for 10 years. I want to thank everyone, the coaching staff and the guys. Next season, a large number of players enter the «Red Army», we need to become leaders there and move up the club system.