CSKA ARENA hosted the graduation ceremony of the Hockey School

CSKA ARENA hosted the graduation ceremony of the Hockey School

Today, the CSKA ARENA hosted the graduation party and the closing ceremony of the 2023/24 season at the CSKA Hockey School. Hockey players of all ages and their coaches were awarded with cups and medals won during the season, as well as memorable gifts from the club. Graduates of the school, players born in 2007, also received certificates of graduation.

The ceremony was attended by: CSKA PHC President Igor Yesmantovich, CSKA HS Director Alexey Deev, CSKA Supervisory Board member Sergei Fedorov, world champion, participant of the 1972 Super Series, 8-time USSR champion with CSKA Aleksander Sergeevich Volchkov, CSKA scouting service chief, four-time Russian champion Aleksey Borisovich Troshchinsky, as well as three-time Gagarin Cup winners - CSKA captain Nikita Nesterov and CSKA graduate Pavel Karnaukhov. 

During the ceremony Aleksey Deev, director of the CSKA Hockey School, and the captains of the teams born in 2007-2012 were solemnly presented with the Cup of the winners of the school-wide Moscow city classification. 

Several 2007 hockey players have already signed professional contracts with CSKA and will play in the Junior Hockey League next season. Among them are Peter Andreyanov, Ivan Yukin, Sergey Rodionov, Bogdan Pestretsov, Evgeny Adamov, Timofey Kalinin, Kirill Dubrovin, Nikita Yesipov and Aleksey Filippov. 

President of the CSKA Hockey Club Igor Vyacheslavovich Yesmantovich:

- Every time I go out on the ice at the ceremonies, there is a sense of pride when I see the red, blue and white color of the Russian flag and our club. In the new history of CSKA, since 2012, when Rosneft took the CSKA club under its wing, our school has won the Moscow City Championship for the 10th time. Each time it gets more difficult, schools from other cities and clubs are getting stronger, hockey skills are growing, and training is improving. But our children and coaches once again say with their successes - they are the best! I realize that not everyone will become a professional athlete. But I know that we bring up real men and citizens of our Russia at CSKA. Heartfelt congratulations to the graduates. The boys are entering adulthood. I understand how hard it will be for them, they have professional contracts and institutions ahead of them. I ask the parents to help the children and support them!

I would like to mention the team born in 2009 - Spartakiade, Moscow Championship. And here is the team's victory in the Russian championship! Well done!

Sergey Viktorovich Fedorov, a member of the Supervisory Board of CSKA Hockey Club, spoke at the ceremony:

– Our club always sets the highest goals for itself. And to fulfill them, you need to be well rested! Have a wonderful summer to all of you! CSKA, go ahead!