Sirius U-16 Cup. Results of the third game day

Sirius U-16 Cup. Results of the third game day

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Yesterday in Sochi, the matches of the third game day of the Sirius Cup were held for players under the age of 16. The Russian national team, for which several CSKA-2007 hockey players play, suffered its first defeat at the tournament, losing to the team of the Volga Federal District with a score of 6:2. The CSKA players Daniil Skvortsov, Kurban Limatov, Bogdan Pestretsov and Roman Rizvanov took the ice as part of the Russian national team.

The Moscow national team, on the contrary, won its first victory. The St. Petersburg national team was beaten with a score of 5-3. Four goals out of five were shot by representatives of the CSKA Hockey School: Timofey Kalinin, Nikita Esipov, and Aleksey Filippov. Pyotr Andreyanov, Matvey Sharapenko and Sergey Rodionov also took part in the game.

The next matches will take place on June 19.