Igor Levitsky finished his career as a player and became a coach at CSKA HS

Igor Levitsky finished his career as a player and became a coach at CSKA HS

The striker of the Zvezda Igor Levitsky finished his career as a hockey player and started working at the CSKA Hockey School as an assistant coach. 

The 29-year-old player spent three seasons for Zvezda, having played 150 matches in red and blue uniforms. In total, he played 215 matches in the VHL and scored 101 (47 +54) points. In addition, Levitsky has 222 matches and 58 (30+28) points in the KHL, including one game for CSKA. 

Igor commented on his decision:

— After last season I had a dialogue with the management of the club, they offered me to go to work as a coach at a school. To be honest, I didn't think for a long time, because CSKA is a very close club for me, and I didn't want to leave the system. I will follow in my father's footsteps, he was an honored coach of Russia, a three-time national champion, I will look up in coaching to him!

Of course, there were doubts about the decision to end my career, because when you play hockey all your life, it's not easy to say to yourself: "That's enough." But sooner or later everyone will have to finish, and now my thoughts are only about coaching.

I will start working as an assistant coach, I will train with guys of different ages. This is good, because there will be an opportunity to work with all the specialists of the school and learn a lot from them. The coaching staff at CSKA is very strong. My goals are to grow and develop as a coach, to win, because there is only one place in CSKA — the first.