Alexey Deev: We are satisfied with last season

Alexey Deev: We are satisfied with last season

Let us remind you that today was the closing of the season of Moscow Ice Hockey Federation, where the CSKA team received a lot of awards.

- For sure, we are satisfied with last season. We repeated our record by winning for the fifth time in a row in the Moscow Schools Competition, which is significant. Especially since we had a move to a new arena before the season, it was hard. For children of any age, a change of school location is an important event and it is a little stressful.

Our guys were awarded 11 individual prizes today. Sure, it's nice for the kids to show themselves both as a part of the team and as individuals.


We still have to prepare for the graduation for players born in 2005. These are good guys, they showed their best side, especially in their senior year. Some of them have already signed contracts with the club and will play for CSKA. I think that all those players who were not signed will also be employed by other clubs in the near future.