Reideborn blanks Ak Bars, CSKA ties the final series

Reideborn blanks Ak Bars, CSKA ties the final series

In the second match, CSKA made several changes to the combinations of attack triples due to the absence of Maxim Mamin. In particular, Prokhor Poltapov took to the ice in the second link, and Vladimir Bryukvin took his place in the fourth three.

In the first minutes, Ak Bars tried to put pressure on Adam Reideborn's goal, but he coped with several shots. Then the CSKA hockey players tightly seized the initiative, dominated the ice and did not let the opponent out of the zone for a long time. Sooner or later it had to have an effect, and the CSKA opened the account. Vladislav Kamenev took Konstantin Okulov's pass from behind the goal and scored from a spot. Our team made some more good attacks, but the score didn't change. At the end of the period, CSKA remained short-handed, and Reideborn rescued the team twice with spectacular saves.

In the second period, Ak Bars again tried to adjust the game in attack, but the CSKA team did not allow much to work at the Reideborn goal. And if something worked out for Kazan, then the CSKA goalkeeper played reliably. CSKA continued to conduct long positional attacks, tearing apart the defense of Ak Bars, and one of these attacks became a goal. Yaroslav Dyblenko did not leave Bilyalov a chance of saving with a powerful click.

In the third period, the CSKA had to demonstrate the ability to play short-handed, both four and three. CSKA with their confident game did not even allow the opponent to dream about a goal at these minutes. Soon our team were in power play. For a rough game against Sergey Plotnikov, an Ak Bars player was punished. The numerical advantage could not be converted, but CSKA still scored the third goal. Mikhail Grigorenko hit an empty goal and put a point. We are going to Moscow with an equal score in the series. 



  • 12:32 0:1 (CSKA). 94 Kamenev Vladislav (71 Okulov Konstantin, 16 Plotnikov Sergey).
  • 34:02 0:2 (CSKA). 73 Yaroslav Dyblenko (25 Mikhail Grigorenko, 13 Prokhor Poltapov).
  • 58:11 0:3 (CSKA). 25 Grigorenko Mikhail (93 Sergeev Artyom).