CSKA survives Severstal pressure, delivers big win

CSKA survives Severstal pressure, delivers big win


The first period of the match in Cherepovets turned out to be goalless. Although the teams had a number of chances to distinguish. Ivan Fedotov was excellent on the CSKA's last line, deflecting several great shots during the CSKA player's penalty kill. Alas, CSKA also failed to use the numerical advantage. Alexander Samoilov, who broke into the KHL thanks to injuries to the main goalkeepers of Cherepovets, worked unmistakably in the gates of Severstal. After twenty minutes of play, it was 0:0. 

The second period began perfectly for the CSKA players. Maxim Mamin scored and gave CSKA a 1:0 lead. The hosts took a request for an offside position, but the referees allowed the goal, and Severstal remained shorthanded. And then the second goal of CSKA happened. The CSKA players coolly drew the home team's zone, and Pavel Karnaukhov made the score 2:0. But the hosts didn't give up either. After just two minutes, Ruslan Abrosimov made up ground. Maxim Mamin completed his double and made the score 3:1, but the hosts immediately made up ground to a minimum again. 2:3 in favor of CSKA after forty minutes of play. 

At the very beginning of the third period, the CSKA special team worked perfectly again. Vladislav Kamenev scored the fourth goal for the CSKA team — 4:2. And a little later, Mikhail Grigorenko (5:2) and Takhir Mingachev (6:2) made the score even bigger! Thanks to the breakthrough in the third period, the CSKA team made the result of the entire match. We're taking two points away from Cherepovets!


  • 23:16 0:1 (CSKA). 98 Mamin Maxim (45 Provolnev Vladislav).
  • 25:09 0:2 (CSKA). 15 Karnaukhov Pavel (9 Slepyshev Anton, 89 Nesterov Nikita).
  • 27:12 1:2 (Severstal). 17 Abrosimov Ruslan (23 Lishka Adam, 35 Korostelev Nikita).
  • 36:30 1:3 (CSKA). 98 Mamin Maxim (87 Svetlakov Andrey, 44 Dits Darren).
  • 37:55 2:3 (Severstal). 53 Aimurzin Daniil (13 Pilipenko Kirill, 7 Burenov Nikolay).
  • 45:37 2:4 (CSKA). 94 Kamenev Vladislav (98 Mamin Maxim, 44 Dits Darren).
  • 47:46 2:5 (CSKA). 25 Mikhail Grigorenko (21 Williams Colby).
  • 47:57 2:6 (CSKA). 63 Mingachev Tahir.