We lose in Kazan, the series returns to Moscow

We lose in Kazan, the series returns to Moscow

CSKA could not complete the final series today.

With the score 3-1, CSKA arrived in Kazan for the fifth match of the final series with Ak Bars. There was only one step left for our team to take in order to confirm the title of the strongest team in the country. Maxim Mamin, who was injured in the first match of the series, returned to the CSKA team. He took to the ice in the second tier together with Maxim Sorkin and Mikhail Grigorenko. "Ak Bars", despite three defeats in a row, did not change anything in its composition.

An uncompromising game at maximum speeds with an abundance of hard power techniques began from the first minutes on the ice. Kazan tried to immediately seize the initiative and looked more active at first, but CSKA defended calmly and did not allow much to the opponent. Gradually, our hockey players also adjusted the game in attack, played in the power play and overthrew Ak Bars in this game segment. The most important throw happened a few seconds before the break. Prokhor Poltapov dragged the puck into the Ak Bars zone, beating the entire opposing team on the way, and then "shot" Bilyalov in cold blood.

In the second period, the score could have doubled, but our team was unlucky. After a clever throw by Vitaly Abramov from the side, the puck hit both goal posts, rolling along the ribbon. Bilyalov managed to knock it out at the last moment. Then Ak Bars added to the game, carried out several dangerous attacks and brought one of them to the goal. Alexander Radulov made an accurate throw when playing in the power play. 

At the start of the third 20 minutes, the CSKA had a good chance to come forward when the Ak Bars player received a 4-minute penalty for a headbutt. But the drawing didn't work out. For some time the CSKA attacked in equal rosters. But it was not possible to score, and the hosts waited for their chance. After Galiev's throw, the puck went into the goal. CSKA attacked until the last seconds, but could not recoup. We are still leading the series with a score of 3-2. The sixth match of the final will be held at the CSKA ARENA on April 27.


AK BARS (KAZAN) 2:1 CSKA (Moscow)

  • 19:56 0:1 (CSKA). 13 Poltapov Prokhor.
  • 29:35 1:1 (Ak Bars). 47 Alexander Radulov (87 Vadim Shipachev).
  • 52:22 2:1 (Ak Bars). 22 Galiev Stanislav (96 Lyamkin Nikita, 94. Semyonov Kirill).