CSKA – Torpedo. Comments from the coaches

CSKA – Torpedo. Comments from the coaches

Ravil Yakubov, CSKA senior coach: 

— It didn't all work out, not quite the game we would have liked. Torpedo are young, they started very well. It is unclear why we were not ready for this onslaught. Thanks to Ivan Fedotov, he "pulled us up" at this point. And then the guys got involved. But the guys gave their best, there were no complaints about their dedication.

The only thing was that we caused problems for ourselves in the end. A team like ours should finish such games more solidly. 

— Given the 1:5 in the previous match with SKA, will the new game have extra significance?

— I think it will be. Today, after the game, the guys said that the next game is very important. Traditionally, when a hockey player receives a prize for the best player. And we expressed the opinion to the guys that it's time to play normally with this team.

Igor Larionov, head coach of Torpedo:

— It's hard to find words after such a good match when you leave empty-handed. Because in terms of the game – in attitude, in entertainment, in dedication – the team played a very good match. There's only positive things in this regard. It's good to see what's happening now. And there is an expectation and confidence that the team will be even stronger.

— Only took the goalkeeper off in two minutes? You know, you look at who you have on the ice here, when fatigue sets in and when there are long stretches, and you realize how much the guys you put in at that point can take out. We thought about taking off early, but we realized we needed a draw in the challenger's zone. Two minutes of 6-on-5 game is a lot. We could have scored earlier and then there wouldn't have been such a question from you. Nevertheless, we fought until the end, scored a good goal and could have equalized, then it would have been a thriller, which would have finally decorated the match".