CSKA - Kunlun RS. Post-match press conference.

CSKA - Kunlun RS. Post-match press conference.

Comments of the head coaches of the teams following the CSKA - Kunlun RS match.

Sergey Fedorov, CSKA head coach:

- I thank the team for the game and for the victory. There are things that need to be improved and perfected today, not tomorrow. They will help us throughout the season, they are fundamental ones and we all know them. I am glad that at some points we showed this and proved to ourselves that they were these things that we have to do from game to game really make our life easier.

- What specific things do you mean?

- This is a puck game in all three zones. And a game played without a puck. I mean in these zones. I believe that the site itself dictates certain conditions that still existed for a long time, when they played on sites smaller than the Olympic size playgrounds. And these conditions have not changed yet and, probably, will not change in the next few decades. And our guys know about this, so the fundamental things that I am talking about are necessary when playing on these sites.

- Danil Yurtaykin dropped out in the second period. What’s wrong about him?

- So far one thing is clear - he was injured. Its depth and character are still unknown to me. I am waiting for the doctors’ opinion, I think tomorrow we will be able to say something more specific.

- The Sorkin-Popov-Okulov combination looked good. Can they continue to play like this or was it a forced measure after Yurtaykin got injury?

- In theory, I agree with you. They may appear in this combination in the next match. But at the moment it is very difficult to say about this, the reason was we came out in completely different combinations. This was not a forced measure, but a rearrangement to see other connections too. The rest of the points I would not like to endure in the media sources.

- You have released Vladislav Kotkov in the majority twice, although he did not play five on four before. Can you comment on this somehow?

- We are looking closely at Vladislav and see some progress. We look at different combinations and ligaments, looking for a specific chemistry. I think he will progress. Today we needed an oversized striker in front of the goal.

- Are you dissatisfied with Soshnikov or something happened to him again?

- There are certain working moments, but Nikita is preparing for the next match. I repeat that we are looking for different combinations. It was a coaching decision to give him some rest and prepare him for the next match. He is healthy.

- How is Bogdan Kiselevich feeling?

-Good. He is getting ready. He’s making some progress. But it will take several days before we see him in the general group in training.

- Is Aleksey Troshchinsky with you till the end on the bench, or are you looking for a defense coach?

- No comments yet. Alexey Borisovich continues to work. I have nothing more to add to this.


Ivano Zanatta, head coach of Kunlun:

- Good first period, overall, it was a good game. We tried our best. But at key moments we were let down by the early baths. CSKA usually does not forgive such mistakes. And even if you manage not to miss, you have less strength left to go on the attack. Unfortunately, we couldn’t score more than one goal. But in terms of making efforts, everything was up to the mark.

- CSKA had the advantage in the third period. Was the team tired or you were unable to play on the same level with the opponent?

- This is a combination of both factors. We are really tired, we mainly play in three fives - this is our lineup at the moment. Especially it happens when the matches every other day the players get tired by the end of the matches. We must pay tribute to CSKA: the team stepped up and increased the pace and intensity of the game. CSKA is good at it.

- I was surprised by Ethan Warek's absence in the squad.

- Ethan is having a difficult period right now. Perhaps this is due to the fact that he was injured during the preseason and hadn’t played for a long time. Therefore, he did not have time to get fit during the season. He was really not able to play in the last matches, so we decided to give him a little rest, somehow regroup, mobilize. Without a doubt, he will soon reappear in the lineup.

- Maybe the victory in the game over “Vityaz” took a lot of emotions, and they were not enough today?

- Definitely, the previous match played with “Vityaz” was very important for us, we rejoiced at the good victory we were able to win. Naturally, the emotional level probably decreased, but not so much that the players did not want to win. Because of reasons I saw in the locker room, during the break between the second and third periods, that the players were in a mood, they wanted to turn the tide. Physical conditions happen to be, after all, three links for such a league is not an option with which you can count on a lot.

- The first month of the season is left behind. What extent are you satisfied with the way things are going?

- I think we could have a couple of points. There were games that we played well, maybe we didn't deserve to be defeated or defeated in regular time. But, in general, this is our level, given the lineup that we have and the short preseason that we had.