CSKA – Dynamo Minsk. Comments from the coaches

CSKA – Dynamo Minsk. Comments from the coaches

Sergey Fedorov, head coach of CSKA:

— At the end of the day that's a victory, I congratulate guys with a victory. We gave as much of ourselves as we could. Not without mistakes, emotionally difficult game for us, unnecessary penalties. Nevertheless, we found the way to the other team's goal, scored in time and did well short-handed. It was an important game for us, a fast and harsh opponent. We beat a serious team, we're getting ready to move on. I liked that they showed character and played a few moments better than the opponent. Not everything worked out, maybe there was some kind of anxiety. I'm glad for the guys, especially for those who joined us recently. There is no information on the injured yet. Penalties for too many players on ice? One player in the second lost concentration and accidentally walked out. There is no fundamental problem, probably some kind of fatigue.

Dmitry Kvartalnov, head coach of Dynamo Minsk:

— We played well, scored three goals — it's rare for us now, there were still chances. But, you know, CSKA has a reduced lineup, and there are small things that they did better. And so we were penalized for the small things, we need to be extremely collected. And the locker room goal three seconds before halftime wasn't that optional, they're all optional. There was a chance to score at least a point, but it didn't work out, what can I say. Power play? Last place in the League, there's no getting away from it. We are working on it, some things don't go well, don't work out. We scored — yes, it was good, but there were five-on-three chances where we had to finish. Our quality is very poor, everywhere. These things worry us a lot. We took some guys for power play, but it's not going well, and we're missing one or two goals. Problems with concentration? I agree. When you come out of the locker room and miss, it's a matter of concentration. It is clear that the opponent has a good line, we are releasing a good line. We have to control the player who is hitting the goal a little bit. It's a question of concentration, there's a problem here.