CSKA – Avangard. Coaches' comments

CSKA – Avangard. Coaches' comments

Sergey Fedorov, head coach of CSKA: 

— Avangard showed a good game in attack. Unfortunately, we couldn't avoid making simple mistakes that led to goals. I won't say that we played badly, but simple mistakes still happen. Thanks a lot to the fans for coming to support. I think we should get over it. I know that we have all the necessary elements to become a team that will play to win and please the fans. 

— After previous matches, you talked about emotions. Today they were even over the top. How can you find a balance so that emotions are present but your head remains cold? 

— This is what we are doing, looking for a balance between a cold head and a hot heart. But at the moment it does not work. The losses are not fatal. We tune in for every game and want to win. In some cases you get it done, in others you don't. But the team lives, breathes fighting spirit, is willing and able. The only and most important question is when. We tolerate the situation. We have technical problems, they are not fundamental. Good for the guys, that they are going forward in such a tough situation and trying to win at any opportunity. Our task is to support and develop this direction. 

- Two consecutive numerical violations - what happened at that point? 

— Concentration, great desire. We got the suspension deservedly. We wanted what was best, but it turned out the same as always. We need to understand that we are in a different status now. We must concentrate on all the moments. Realizing the ease of our mistakes will give us a boost to show winning hockey. I hope it will happen soon. 

— Two goals were conceded on the power play, two penalties for a man-down violation - it's a letdown. How did the team react on the bench, how did you motivate the players? 

— We don't have such a word as "letdown". Of course, the team was upset. We take it as a given, try to stand our ground, move the puck into the offensive zone after a penalty, keep working. In this regard, the guys are great. 

- Many of your colleagues would have great difficulty containing their emotions. You exude calmness, although there are already talks about the need for personnel changes in the team. How do you react to this? 

— Emotions are a good thing. But at the moment me and my coaching staff understand how the guys feel, how professional they are in the process of training, in the games. There are no questions for them. I haven't traveled that path in my career either. Simple mistakes keep us from moving forward. We concede easily, that's a fact. The fact that I exude confidence is also part of the job. I have to answer your questions honestly, truthfully. 

— In three days there is a game with Neftekhimik. Are you going to be skating tomorrow already? 

— Tomorrow will be a day off, the guys gave themselves to the process. With the guys who haven't played, we have a separate schedule. We'll take a look at our mistakes. We will also work on psychology. Most likely, we should just settle down and just enjoy the process and play hockey.

Mikhail Kravets, Head coach of Avangard:

— A productive game, a lot of chances, good speeds, beautiful goals. Both teams did not give in to each other throughout the game. We were better, we scored 2 more goals. I thank the guys for a great trip and for the end, it's always hard to play the fourth game, you want to go home, and here is such an opponent. Well done today, congratulations to everyone on the win and of course to the Omsk fans too.

— How can you comment on the 2 short-handed goals from Boucher?

— It's a pattern, because in those situations the defense played competently, built in such a way that they were able to block shots both times. So it's a clean and properly executed job by the players in man-down situation.

— How can you assess the results of the trip?

— Very good results. We had a hard time traveling, we played well at home, away we tried our best and nothing worked out. In the end, due to good work, understanding of the guys and due to the fact that everyone understood what needed to be done to win everything worked out. Now the guys are playing, supporting each other, and most importantly the game discipline is at a good level.

— Did you congratulate Boucher separately on the hat-trick?

— Of course, in the locker room we always congratulate. I praised him separately and in front of everyone, he played a very good game. All the guys did a lot to make us win today.

— What tactical moments did the players pay attention to before the match with CSKA?

— I can't say that CSKA has any particular weaknesses. The team is well-coordinated, a lot of good players, a team that has been playing together for 2 or 3 years, young guys, tall, active, fast too. We emphasized that we need to keep our shot, because they are a very aggressive team and play always in the body and not let them work a lot with the puck.

— Is it more satisfying that you scored 6 pucks or more frustrating that you conceded 4?

— Of course, there is a slight disappointment, because even the third or fourth goal was conceded due to the shortcomings of some players. There was a frenzy on the ice, when you want to do the best, but it turns out the other way around, so we'll analyze, look, talk and I think that next time we'll play more confidently, leading in the score.

— How important is it to give a day off if given the opportunity and how much did it affect the game?

— I think it had a great impact and it meant a lot for the team to recover. The guys spent the whole day in Moscow walking, relaxing. Relatives came to someone, someone lives in Moscow, went to their parents, families, got an emotional charge and came to training the next day in a good mood.