CSKA hits back

CSKA hits back

From the first minutes, the CSKA began to do everything to even the score in the series. Severstal held on until the middle of the first period, and then CSKA finally took matters into their own hands. In the ninth minute Sergey Plotnikov opened the score — 0:1. The hosts made a request for interfering with the goalkeeper, but after watching the judges left the original decision — they scored a goal. So Severstal received a dismissal, which Vladislav Kamenev was happy to convert — 0:2. After another three and a half minutes, Pavel Karnaukhov received a pass from Anton Slepyshev, ran to Samonov's goal and outplayed the goalkeeper of the hosts — 0:3. After three goals, the goalkeeper of Severstal was replaced. Dmitry Shugaev came out on the ice, but he almost immediately got his goal. Anton Slepyshev famously threw from close range — 0:4.

After the break, the hosts tried to get back into the game. And the removal of Nikolai Makarov helped in this, which was implemented by Robin Press — 1:4. But Severstal's happiness was short-lived. In less than a minute, Tahir Mingachev returned the difference of four goals — 1:5. Soon the owners received a dismissal. And here the CSKA were merciless again — Mikhail Grigorenko turned the score to 1:6. Adam Reideborn made some excellent saves and did not let the opponent reduce the difference.

In the third period, the CSKA allowed the opponent to get closer, but this did not affect the final score. Slepyshev, Mingachev and Poltapov's goals made it possible to make the gap more than comfortable again. We even the score in the series. 



  • 08:41 0:1 (CSKA). 16 Sergey Plotnikov (89 Nikita Nesterov, 71 Konstantin Okulov).
  • 10:03 0:2 (CSKA). 94 Kamenev Vladislav (25 Grigorenko Mikhail, 89 Nesterov Nikita).
  • 13:29 0:3 (CSKA). 15 Karnaukhov Pavel (9 Slepyshev Anton).
  • 16:44 0:4 (CSKA). 9 Slepyshev Anton (87 Svetlakov Andrey).
  • 24:51 1:4 (Severstal). 19 Press Robin (44 Pylenkov Daniil, 89 Geraskin Igor).
  • 25:27 1:5 (CSKA). 63 Mingachev Takhir (3 Klasson Fredrik, 11 Abramov Vitaly).
  • 27:05 1:6 (CSKA). 25 Mikhail Grigorenko (71 Konstantin Okulov, 89 Nikita Nesterov).
  • 50:28 2:6 (Severstal). 17 Ruslan Abrosimov (79 Mikhail Tikhonov, 18 Dmitry Moiseev).
  • 55:39 3:6 (Severstal). 80 Morozov Egor
  • 55:59 3:7 (CSKA). 9 Slepyshev Anton (87 Svetlakov Andrey).
  • 56:21 3:8 (CSKA). 13 Poltapov Prokhor (26 Bryukvin Vladimir).
  • 59:25 3:9 (CSKA). 63 Mingachev Takhir.