Sergey Fedorov: Now we need to rest, regroup, and go to battle

Sergey Fedorov: Now we need to rest, regroup, and go to battle

The head coach of the Army team summed up the results of their winning streak against Lokomotiv in the Western Conference quarterfinals.

– Obviously, we managed to beat a very well-organized opponent who does not forgive mistakes. We managed to pull out the first two games, but each of them consisted of nervous moments. It is clear that for 126 minutes the teams fought to the last. Our majority worked, we scored an important goal. Happy victory to our guys! We have come a certain way. He will help us in the future. Now we need to rest a little, regroup and go into battle.

– What are your emotions now?

– I haven't retired from the game yet, we haven't realized everything yet. But I want to say that I'm happy for the team, for the team and the character that we were able to show. We beat a strong, serious opponent in this series.

– Good power play is the main criterion on the way to victory?

– I think we, of course, tuned in only to the majority. I can mention our team actions, coordinated actions of our triples. Maybe we managed to be fresher in the game. Also, let's not forget the psychological burden when you lose three games. I want to pay tribute to our guys, who were also tired after the third match. But the fact that we led 3-0 in the series helped us emotionally and we showed a high level of energy. All factors played a role here. And, of course, the well-coordinated play of our fives helped to achieve the desired result.

- If we talk about the factor of the Olympics. How much have you managed to reboot in this week or ten days? You have passed this series quite fresh.

– I wouldn't say that the Olympians were the freshest. We had a maximum of 8 days. But, as I said, we managed to win very close to positive or negative games. Well, the longest match is the third in Yaroslavl: 126 minutes is a small lottery. There were mistakes on both sides. We managed to realize our majority. We had a tough opponent; in certain nuances that occurred in each game, Lokomotiv even outplayed us. Therefore, I am glad that the series turned out this way. I'm glad for the guys who have been preparing in Moscow for a whole month, waiting for our Olympians, training and cheering for them. I'm satisfied with the energy we showed in the first two games in our arena. 

– How can the departure of Wallmark and Nordstrom affect your game?

– The guys did everything they could, held on to the last. I don't know the details, but it's obviously a serious, family issue, perhaps. They did everything they could, thank them for their work. Our guys filled those two positions and showed a mature, good level. On tactical points - they are not global. We'll rest, analyze this series, move on and wait for the next round.

– Is Darren Dietz injured?

– Yes, Darren has an upper body injury. We need to clarify the information. I think he will already play in the second round.

– Are you going to watch the Dynamo match?

– I guess since you asked that question, I'll start thinking now. I don't know how long the series will last.