Sergey Fedorov: We need to pay attention to individual moments and work further

Sergey Fedorov: We need to pay attention to individual moments and work further

The head coach of CSKA commented on the results of the match with Kunlun Red Star.

- A good intense game, I think that in the first ten minutes of the opening period we could have increased the advantage, scored two more goals. But, unfortunately, it didn't work out. During the match, Kunlun returned and played the puck quite dynamically, which we already knew. In the third period we conceded an unnecessary goal. We tried to get back into the game, we didn't score the majority. As it is, I am grateful to the guys, they showed a team game, but we will need to pay attention to individual moments. And work on.

- On Wednesday, you competently beat one of the leaders. Today you lost to an outsider. It's only been three days. What is the reason?

- Dynamo and Kunlun are good dynamic teams. Perhaps Dynamo did not play their best match. We were a little stronger. "Kunlun" should not be underestimated. There are guys playing there who have spent many years in the professional leagues of Europe and North America, there are some good Chinese players. I don't think the opponents have any super big influence for us. We get the guys ready for every game, pay attention to us, to those moments that we are obliged to and can control.

- Marsel Ibragimov went in the base line-up in the regular season with healthy Dalbek, Blazhievsky and Kiselevich. He doesn't get much time this season.

- Marcel joined us, it was necessary, several rearguards were injured. I can't comment on last season.

- Andrey Svetlakov spent quite a lot of line-changes today after a long break. Do you plan to use him in every game or will you let him play in a more gentle mode after a long break?

- I think Andrey's game was a success today. In the future we will see, we will start from his physical condition and, probably, from the recommendations of our doctors.