CSKA Moscow — Kunlun Red Star (7:0)

CSKA Moscow — Kunlun Red Star (7:0)


Kunlun RS — one of the most inconvenient rivals for CSKA. In the last three games, the team has won three victories over CSKA. Including, in the current season in Mytishchi. Nevertheless, Kunlun RS approached the game with the CSKA with the baggage of nine defeats in a row. CSKA began to justify the status of the favorite of the meeting from the first minutes. Less than seven minutes after the start of the match, Vitaly Abramov put CSKA ahead 1-0. Then the CSKA fought back in the man-down situation and used their own majority. Vladislav Kamenev shot the visitors' goal from a prime scoring area — 2:0. 

At the beginning of the second period, the CSKA again remained in the man-down situation, but were able to neutralize all the threats of the guests. Tahir Mingachev made the advantage of CSKA even bigger. At first, Prokhor Poltapov did not use the breakaway to the Kunlun RS goal, but he finalized the chance and gave the pass to Mingachev. The forward of CSKA was accurate — 3:0. After five and a half minutes Maxim Sorkin made the score with the most accurate throw — 4:0.

At the very beginning of the third period, CSKA continued the rout. Sergey Plotnikov completed a quick attack of CSKA — 5:0. The most remarkable event of the third period happened later. 17-year-old defender of CSKA Matvey Shuravin scored his first goal in the KHL. The young defensive player managed an excellent wrist shot from the blue line. Matvey became the author of the youngest goal in CSKA in the history of the KHL. Mikhail Grigorenko put a period in the game — 7:0. Alexander Sharychenkov recorded the shutout of the season. 



  • 06:44 1:0 (CSKA). 11 Abramov Vitaly (15 Karnaukhov Pavel).
  • 14:55 2:0 (CSKA). 94 Kamenev Vladislav (25 Grigorenko Mikhail, 71 Okulov Konstantin).
  • 29:03 3:0 (CSKA). 63 Mingachev Takhir (13 Poltapov Prokhor, 58 Fateev Egor).
  • 34:39 4:0 (CSKA). 27 Sorkin Maxim (25 Grigorenko Mikhail).
  • 41:38 5:0 (CSKA). 16 Plotnikov Sergey (94 Kamenev Vladislav, 71 Okulov Konstantin). 
  • 51:26 6:0 (CSKA). 76 Shuravin Matvey (9 Slepyshev Anton).
  • 57:34 7:0 (CSKA). 25 Grigorenko Mikhail (94 Kamenev Vladislav).