CSKA holds on to take 3-2 lead

CSKA holds on to take 3-2 lead

The series returned to Moscow with an equal score of 2:2. It is not surprising that from the first minutes CSKA took over the initiative. Severstal held on for a while, but then CSKA scored twice in two and a half minutes. First, Vitaly Abramov pierced Alexander Samonov with a wrist throw — 1:0. And soon Darren Dietz shot powerfully from the blue line — 2-0.  

After the break, the game did not change its course. CSKA pressed, earned a double removal, and Nikita Nesterov made the score 3-0 in a captain's way. The guests were able to score one goal with the efforts of Nikita Makeev, but this goal did not change the overall scenario of the match. Soon Anton Slepyshev scored the fourth goal of CSKA and restored the gap of three goals — 4:1. The dissmissal of Nikolai Makarov made adjustments, which Severstal realized thanks to Daniil Vovchenko's goal — 4:2. The period ended with this score. 

The third period for CSKA began unsuccessfully. Severstal scored the third goal on an emotional rise — 4:3. Alexander Suvorov distinguished himself. The CSKA team had a number of moments, but the guests also attacked the Reideborn gate. The nervous ending remained on CSKA. We win the match and go ahead in the series. 



  • 15:08 1:0 (CSKA). 11 Abramov Vitaly (26 Bryukvin Vladimir, 3 Klasson Fredrik).
  • 17:37 2:0 (CSKA). 44 Dietz Darren (27 Maxim Sorkin, 98 Maxim Mamin). 24:57 3:0 (CSKA). 89 Nesterov Nikita (71 Okulov Konstantin, 25 Grigorenko Mikhail).
  • 27:18 3:1 (Severstal). 45 Makeev Nikita (79 Tikhonov Mikhail).
  • 32:44 4:1 (CSKA). 9 Slepyshev Anton (87 Svetlakov Andrey, 15 Karnaukhov Pavel).
  • 35:54 4:2 (Severstal). 28 Vovchenko Daniil (13 Pilipenko Kirill, 31 Petunin Alexander).
  • 41:19 4:3 (Severstal). 55 Alexander Suvorov (31 Alexander Petunin, 17 Ruslan Abrosimov).