CSKA defets SKA again

CSKA defets SKA again

SKA - CSKA 2:5

SKA couldn't score two games in a row and was down 0-2 in the series. After a minute of play in the third game the team from Saint-Petersburg finally found the net. Timkin was assisted from behind the net and made it 1:0. SKA was inspired by this goal and played really well in the first period. CSKA had some chances to score but more often had to play in the defence.

But everything changed in the first half of the second period. CSKA scored thrice in a row, and SKA was helpless in these episodes. Two of these goals were scored in the power play. Soon SKA could score 5 on 4 - there were 6 minutes of power play for the home team. But CSKA's defence was great as always.

In the third period SKA managed to came back when former CSKA player Ozhiganov made it 2:3. However, there was no panic in CSKA. They didn't allow SKA to create any more scoring chances, and in the end scored two emptynetters. 5:2 tonight, 3-0 in the series - CSKA is one step away from Gagarin Cup finals.