CSKA snapped a four-game skid in emphatic style

CSKA snapped a four-game skid in emphatic style


The first period of the match in Balashikha turned out to be equal. Sometimes even with a slight advantage of the hosts. Four minutes after the start of the game, Prokhor Poltapov was dismissed. But instead of a used attempt, Vityaz got the puck in his own goal. Maxim Sorkin made a great throw from an acute angle, snooking the puck — 1-0. Before the break, the club from Balashikha was actively attacking, but Ivan Fedotov played very reliably.  

After the break, the turning point of the match happened. Already in the second minute, Darren Dietz scored the second goal for CSKA. Less than three minutes later, Pavel Karnaukhov scored his goal — 3-0. The flurry of goals did not end there. Andrey Svetlakov scored the fourth goal of CSKA. It is noteworthy that Svetlakov scored from an assist by Sergey Plotnikov. For the CSKA forward, this score was the 500th in the KHL. The whole team ran out to congratulate Plotnikov on his beautiful anniversary. Before the second break, Vityaz managed to reduce the gap. Nikita Goncharov scored the only goal — 4:1. 

In the third period, CSKA continued to smash the opponent. Prokhor Poltapov robbed the defender of the hosts and assisted Takhir Mingachev — 5:1. This goal was the last in today's match. We are winning a major and important victory!


  • 04:21 0:1 (CSKA). 27 Sorkin Maxim (3 Klasson Fredrik).
  • 21:07 0:2 (CSKA). 44 Dietz Darren (25 Grigorenko Mikhail, 27 Sorkin Maxim).
  • 23:31 0:3 (CSKA). 15 Karnaukhov Pavel (89 Nesterov Nikita, 87 Svetlakov Andrey).
  • 27:32 0:4 (CSKA). 87 Svetlakov Andrey (16 Plotnikov Sergey, 3 Klasson Fredrik). 35:59 1:4 (Vityaz). Goncharov Nikita.
  • 45:43 1:5 (CSKA). 63 Mingachev Takhir (13 Poltapov Prokhor, 3 Klasson Fredrik).