CSKA survives Sibir fightback

CSKA survives Sibir fightback


The CSKA team came out in a special form for the final home match of the regular season. The jerseys were timed to coincide with Defender of the Fatherland Day. Konstantin Okulov took to the ice with the captain's stripe. Let us recall that the CSKA forward is a graduate of Novosibirsk hockey. The beginning of the meeting turned out to be great. Already in the fourth minute, Vladislav Kamenev opened the scoring, having done a great job on the slot— 1-0. And ten minutes later Anton Slepyshev doubled the advantage of the team — 2:0. It should be noted that Konstantin Okulov assisted in two CSKA goals. 

After the break, CSKA managed to make the score even bigger. Maxim Mamin robbed an opponent and gave an accurate pass to the same Okulov. Konstantin threw hard and accurately — 3-0. During the match, Darren Dietz retired and the guests were able to win back one goal, but after watching the referees canceled the goal. The minority of the CSKA players still stood, but soon the Sibir players scored their goal. Pavel Gogolev scored - 3:1. The second period of the match ended with this score.

In the third period, the guests equalized with a double. Georgy Belousov and Trevor Murphy scored - 3-3. The game went into overtime, where the CSKA team won. Vladislav Kamenev scored the winning goal!



  • 03:26 1:0 (CSKA). 94 Kamenev Vladislav (71 Okulov Konstantin, 26 Dolzhenkov Kirill).
  • 13:34 2:0 (CSKA). 9 Slepyshev Anton (71 Okulov Konstantin, 15 Karnaukhov Pavel).
  • 26:53 3:0 (CSKA). 71 Okulov Konstantin (98 Mamin Maxim).
  • 29:32 3:1 (Sibir). 17 Gogolev Pavel (19 Andreoff Andy, 11 Belousov Georgy).
  • 43:43 3:2 (Sibir). 11 Belousov Georgy (8 Murphy Trevor, 99 Shashkov Nikita).
  • 45:10 3:3 (Sibir). 8 Murphy Trevor, (71 Butuzov Vladimir, 17 Gogolev Pavel).
  • 64:24 4:3 (CSKA). 94 Kamenev Vladislav (71 Okulov Konstantin, 73 Dyblenko Yaroslav).