Defending champ punches playoff ticket

Defending champ punches playoff ticket


The first period of the match with Torpedo started without any hesitation. Kirill Voronin took advantage of a mistake during a CSKA hockey shift as early as the third minute. The Nizhny Novgorod forward ran to the CSKA player's goal and hit the top corner of the net - 0:1. CSKA couldn't find the keys to Torpedo's goal for a while, but that was fixed by Andrei Svetlakov. In the middle of the opening period, the CSKA striker made a perfect shot from under a defender - 1:1. Later, the guests had a chance for a power play after the penalty on Vladislav Provolnev, but the CSKA defense played reliably. A battling draw after twenty minutes of play. 

In the second period, the CSKA players were able to keep their goal intact. On the power play, Konstantin Okulov gave the CSKA a 2:1 lead. Nikita Nesterov and Mikhail Grigorenko had goal assists.  

In the third period the game was about making a mistake and it was made by the guests. Mikhail Grigorenko made a great run to the Torpedo goal and shot into the top corner of the goal - 3:1. In the end, the guests were able to win back one puck and fray the nerves of the fans. Kirill Kirsanov made the score 3:2. But the score did not change again in the last seconds. CSKA players won an important victory over their table neighbor and guaranteed a place in the playoffs!


  • 02:42 0:1 (Torpedo). 41 Voronin Kirill (6 Konyushkov Bogdan, 72 Bokun Daniil).
  • 09:02 1:1 (CSKA). 87 Svetlakov Andrey (9 Slepyshev Anton, 80 Barabosha Artem).
  • 38:21 2:1 (CSKA). 71 Okulov Konstantin (89 Nesterov Nikita, 25 Grigorenko Mikhail).
  • 48:35 3:1 (CSKA). 25 Grigorenko Mikhail (98 Mamin Maxim, 44 Dits Darren).
  • 59:45 3:2 (Torpedo). 19 Kirsanov Kirill (69 Larionov Igor).