CSKA rallies to win in Sochi

CSKA rallies to win in Sochi


The starting period of the match in Sochi was in favor of CSKA. There were no absolute chances at Berdine's goal, but CSKA puck control looked much more constructive. There was also a clear advantage of CSKA in shots on target, the hosts disturbed Ivan Fedotov for the first time only at the very end of the period (3:10 on throws). According to the results of the game segment, the account was not opened. 

After the break, CSKA kept attacking. In terms of throws on target, almost a two-fold advantage was achieved (15:28). Nevertheless, the hosts took better advantage of their few chances. Anton Sagadeev put Sochi ahead 1-0. 

At the beginning of the third period, CSKA captain said his word again. Nikita Nesterov finalized the moment on the nickel and equalized the numbers on the scoreboard — 1:1. It should be noted that for Kirill Dolzhenkov, this score was the first in the KHL. Nesterov scored in the second game in a row. Thanks to Prokhor Poltapov's puck, CSKA team took the lead, but the puck was canceled by the decision of the referees. But no one took the puck from Maxim Mamin — 1:2. CSKA forward received a pass from Maxim Sorkin and threw irresistibly into touch. The point in the game was put by the same Mother — 1:3. We are taking away all four games in the regular season from Sochi.


  • 27:15 1:0 (Sochi). 89 Sagadeev Anton (83 Bracco Jeremy, 67 Garayev Amir).
  • 44:08 1:1 (CSKA). 89 Nesterov Nikita (26 Dolzhenkov Kirill, 44 Dietz Darren).
  • 52:43 1:2 (CSKA). 98 Mamin Maxim (27 Sorkin Maxim, 11 Abramov Vitaly).
  • 55:20 1:3 (CSKA). 98 Mamin Maxim.