The score in the series became equal

The score in the series became equal

The second match of the series with Severstal began according to the scenario of the first meeting. The CSKA again missed the first. Alexander Suvorov intercepted the puck in his zone after a throw—in, ran away from the defenders of CSKA and outplayed Sharychenkov in close combat - 0:1. Then Kamenev and Nesterov retired in turn, but the guests could not convert the numerical advantage. CSKA also played in the power play, but it was not possible to extract benefits. We concede again after the first period. 

In the second period, CSKA received two more numerical advantages, but again the implementation failed. The guests also had their chances when drawing extra, but the score remained minimal at the end of the second period. 

After 40 minutes of the game, it seemed that Severstal would really hold a minimal advantage. But to the delight of the CSKA fans, Vladislav Kamenev scored the long-awaited puck. Once again, CSKA managed to upset Severstal twice in a short time. Less than a minute passed, and Mikhail Grigorenko, after a super pass from Maxim Mamin, scored the second goal - 2:1. The guests also turned on after the second missed goal. Nikolay Timashov upset CSKA and equalized the score — 2:2. Thus, the match went into overtime. The first additional twenty minutes did not reveal the winner, but in the second overtime the guests were luckier. Nikita Guslistov brought Severstal victory.



  • 04:38 0:1 (Severstal). 55 Suvorov Alexander.
  • 48:31 1:1 (CSKA). 94 Kamenev Vladislav. (16 Plotnikov Sergey).
  • 49:15 2:1 (CSKA). 25 Grigorenko Mikhail. (98 Mamin Maxim, 27 Sorkin Maxim).
  • 51:17 2:2 (Severstal). 7 Timashov Nikolay (62 Lugovyak Semyon, 28 Vovchenko Daniil).
  • 82:25 2:3 (Severstal). 90 Guslistov Nikita (19 Press Robin, 55 Suvorov Alexander).