CSKA advances to Gagarin Cup final

CSKA advances to Gagarin Cup final

Many people are used to SKA dominating at the start, but the sixth match of the series for CSKA started perfectly. Already after 13 seconds Maxim Sorkin gracefully opened the score, correcting Nikita Nesterov's throw. CSKA played short-handed twice, but fought back. The fans didn't see any more goals — 1-0. 

After the break, SKA began to attack even more aggressively. CSKA, in turn, waited on the counterattacks. The chance came, and Konstantin Okulov converted it. The CSKA striker was alone at the St. Petersburg's team goal — 2:0. In the second period, the St. Petersburg's team overthrew CSKA — 6:10, and at the end of two game segments — 10:19, but Adam Reideborn was reliable.

In the third period, SKA almost immediately gained a numerical advantage, but did not use the dissmissal of Fredrik Klasson. Three minutes later, SKA player Yevgeny Ketov left. And this chance was converted by CSKA. Darren Dietz scored from the blue line — 3-0. Victory! CSKA goes to the Gagarin Cup final.



  • 00:13 1:0 (CSKA). 27 Maxim Sorkin (89 Nikita Nesterov, 98 Maxim Mamin).
  • 30:36 2:0 (CSKA). 71 Konstantin Okulov (16 Sergey Plotnikov, 94 Vladislav Kamenev).
  • 45:17 3:0 (CSKA). 44 Dietz Darren (94 Kamenev Vladislav).