CSKA and Ak Bars battle for Opening Cup

CSKA and Ak Bars battle for Opening Cup

The match for the Opening Cup started with a mutual dismissal in the first minute. Yaroslav Dyblenko and Dmitry Yashkin fought at the goals of CSKA. It became clear that summer hockey was finally over. Then a number of dismissals from Kazan followed, but the CSKA failed to pocket the chance. Ak Bars, on the contrary, came forward through the efforts of Dmitry Kagarlitsky. Then there were dismissals from both teams several more times with the wording "rudeness", but this did not affect the score. In many ways, thanks to Ivan Fedotov, it was possible to minimize the advantage of Kazan at the last turn. The goalkeeper of CSKA reflected the shootout.  0:1 to the first break. 

In the second period, the picture of the match remained similar for a long time. The teams acted harshly and received dismissals. Nikita Nesterov, who leveled the score with a powerful throw — 1:1 when playing in the power play, raised the CSKA ARENA. The game has become even more equal up to a certain point. Alas, but then the guests managed to score twice in a short time. First, Dmitry Yashkin put Ak Bars ahead, and 31 seconds later Nikita Dynyak changed the score — 1:3. 

For the third period, the CSKA team came out with the mood to save the game. Less than seven minutes have passed, and Yaroslav Dyblenko turned out to be the luckiest in the hustle at the goals of Kazan. The defender of CSKA pushed the puck into the goal — 2:3. Nevertheless, the last two goals remained on the guests' account. Alexander Radulov and Vadim Shipachev each scored a goal. We are losing in the match for the Opening Cup.



  • 16:05 0:1 (Ak Bars). 9 Dmitry Kagarlitsky (23 Dmitry Yashkin).
  • 23:16 1:1 (CSKA). 89 Nesterov Nikita (71 Okulov Konstantin, 25 Grigorenko Mikhail).
  • 36:20 1:2 (Ak Bars). 23 Yashkin Dmitry (2 Zhuravlev Daniil).
  • 36:51 1:3 (Ak Bars). 86 Dynyak Nikita (89 Lukoyanov Artem, 96 Lyamkin Nikita).
  • 46:15 2:3 (CSKA). 73 Dyblenko Yaroslav.
  • 52:32 2:4 (Ak Bars). 47 Alexander Radulov (87 Vadim Shipachev, 22 Stanislav Galiev).
  • 53:31 2:5 (Ak Bars). 87 Vadim Shipachev (96 Nikita Lyamkin, 47 Alexander Radulov.