Three-goal salvo sinks CSKA

Three-goal salvo sinks CSKA


The first period was an equal struggle. Both teams had one try per game in the power play, but did not use it. Pavel Karnaukhov had the most realistic chance to open a score. Andrey Svetlakov cut through the defense of Minsk residents with a great pass, and Pavel threw a rising shot. Alas, the puck hit the crossbar of the goal. The hosts also loaded Ivan Fedotov with work, but the CSKA goalkeeper was reliable. 0:0 after twenty minutes of play. 

The second period did not work out for CSKA at all. First, the dismissal of Nikita Nesterov was used by Alexander Volkov. The problems did not end there. Less than three minutes later, the Minsk residents scored twice more. The double was scored by the 20-year-old striker of the hosts Daniil Sotishvili. With the score of 3-0 in favor of Dynamo, the second period ended. 

In the third period, the CSKA team got the opportunity to play in power play fot four minutes in a row. Roman Gorbunov received a double penalty for high-sticking. One goal was won back as part of this face-off. Maxim Mamin scored the goal from Vladislav Kamenev's pass — 3:1. Alas, it did not work out to reduce the score any more. And Nikita Pyshkaylo put an end to the 


  • 29:49 1:0 (Dynamo Mn). 83 Volkov Alexander (21 Kodola Vladislav, Hamilton Robert).
  • 30:29 2:0 (Dynamo Mn). 26 Sotishvili Daniil (91 Pyshkailo Nikita).
  • 31:58 3:0 (Dynamo Mn). 26 Sotishvili Daniil (34 Kuznetsov Sergey).
  • 44:54 3:1 (CSKA). 98 Mamin Maxim (94 Kamenev Vladislav).
  • 57:54 4:1 (Dynamo Mn). 91 Pyshkailo Nikita (23 Stas Andrey, 26 Sotishvili Daniil).