CSKA lost to Metallurg

CSKA lost to Metallurg

From the first minutes of the match with Metallurg, Alexander Sharychenkov came out to defend the CSKA goals. Magnitogorsk showed a good pace of throwing activity 15 towards the goal and 6 on net, but Sharychenkov played reliably, missing once. The score in the game was opened by Sergey Plotnikov, a carom from guests' defender took place at the CSKA's side. The return goal came from Pavel Akolzin. The first period ended with a score of 1:1. 

The second period began unsuccessfully for CSKA. Ten seconds later, Metallurg came forward through the efforts of Denis Zernov. The CSKA team did not get lost, in the middle of the period Pavel Karnaukhov restored equality on the scoreboard – 2:2. CSKA gained a numerical advantage after an unsuccessful coaching request from Metallurg, but it did not work out. On the contrary, the guests from Magnitogorsk scored the third goal, Semyon Koshelev scored – 2:3. At the very end of the period, Nikita Korostelev scored the fourth goal for the guests.

In the third period, the CSKA made every effort to even the score. Alas, it did not work out. We are losing to the guests from Magnitogorsk. 



  • 11:13 1:0 (CSKA). 16 Sergey Plotnikov (71 Konstantin Okulov, 94 Vladislav Kamenev).
  • 15:57 1:1 (Metallurg). 18 Pavel Akolzin (91 Maxim Karpov, 44 Egor Yakovlev).
  • 20:10 1:2 (Metallurg). 16 Denis Zernov (91 Maxim Karpov, 56 Makar Khabarov).
  • 31:14 2:2 (CSKA). 15 Karnaukhov Pavel (87 Svetlakov Andrey).
  • 32:47 2:3 (Metallurg). 21 Semyon Koshelev (94 Egor Korobkin).
  • 39:31 2:4 (Metallurgist). 35 Korostelev Nikita (16 Zernov Denis, 22 Yurov Danila).