We are losing in the derby with Dynamo

We are losing in the derby with Dynamo

The derby with Dynamo started with almost immediate dissmissal of the CSKA hockey player. Anton Slepyshev, for whom this match was the first in the new season, went to rest for two minutes. The CSKA striker missed the start of the season due to injury. The Blue and White team immediately confirmed the status of one of the best power play brigades in the league at the moment. Nikita Gusev closed the transmission and opened the account. Then Dynamo had another great opportunity, but Alexander Sharychenkov reflected the throw 1 to 0. CSKA stepped up, created a number of chances, but did not make the score equal in the remaining time. 0:1 to the first break. 

As in the first period, in the second one CSKA also had the opportunity to play in the power play. Alas, this component requires improvements, it was not possible to implement it again. In the middle of the match, Dynamo got two minutes again, Ilya Kablukov was dissmissed. And this CSKA power play was used. Andrey Svetlakov famously refined the moment on the nickel and literally brought the puck into Konovalov's goal. 4 seconds before the end of the second period, Dmitry Rashevsky brought Dynamo forward again. 

In the third period, the CSKA team was let down by discipline. First, Pavel Karnaukhov received a four-minute dissmissal, and then Nikita Nesterov received two more minutes. Dynamo took advantage of such a gift. Dmitry Rashevsky scored a double — 1:3. The fourth puck went into an empty net — its author was Egor Petukhov. 



  • 04:19 0:1 (Dynamo). 97 Gusev Nikita (91 Wil Jordan, 27 Menell Brennan).
  • 31:39 1:1 (CSKA). 87 Svetlakov Andrey (89 Nesterov Nikita, 25 Grigorenko Mikhail).
  • 39:56 1:2 (Dynamo). 96 Rashevsky Dmitry (97 Gusev Nikita, 19 O'Dell).
  • 54:18 1:3 (Dynamo). 96 Rashevsky Dmitry (18 Paquette Cedric, 97 Gusev Nikita).
  • 59:36 1:4 (Dynamo). 15 Petukhov Egor (94 Mironov Andrey, 32 Konovalov Ilya).