CSKA fightback sinks Severstal

CSKA fightback sinks Severstal

The decisive match of the series began unsuccessfully for CSKA. The club from Cherepovets was able to upset the goals of Reideborn twice during the period. First, David Dumbadze put the visitors ahead, and after another three and a half minutes, Alexander Petunin doubled Severstal's advantage — 0:2. The CSKA players were able to get back into the game and score one goal. Sergey Plotnikov scored in the power play — 1:2. With such a score, the starting period has ended.  

In the second period, CSKA managed to turn the tide of the meeting. For a long time, Severstal held on, but the CSKA players converted their chance. Vladislav Provolnev gave a great pass to Vladislav Kamenev and the CSKA striker was accurate — 2:2. Immediately after, Anton Slepyshev had a great chance to bring the CSKA club forward, but the goalkeeper played reliably. 

The third period turned out to be one of the best in this series for CSKA. At first, Vladislav Provolnev hit powerfully from the blue line and for the first time in the match put CSKA ahead — 3:2. And 27 seconds later Maxim Sorkin scored his first goal in this playoff - 4:2. Cherepovets team returned to the game thanks to Alexander Suvorov's goal. However, the CSKA players were able to hold the advantage, and Vladislav Kamenev put an end to the match with a score into an empty goal. 5:3 in the match and 4:3 in the series is a victory! 



  • 13:02 0:1 (Severstal). 88 David Dumbadze (58 Pavel Denisov, 89 Igor Geraskin).
  • 16:38 0:2 (Severstal). 31 Petunin Alexander (17 Abrosimov Ruslan).
  • 18:25 1:2 (CSKA). 16 Sergey Plotnikov (25 Mikhail Grigorenko, 89 Nikita Nesterov).
  • 34:15 2:2 (CSKA). 94 Kamenev Vladislav (45 Provolnev Vladislav, 71 Okulov Konstantin)
  • 45:42 3:2 (CSKA). 45 Provolnev Vladislav (9 Slepyshev Anton).
  • 46:09 4:2 (CSKA). 27 Maxim Sorkin (98 Maxim Mamin, 25 Mikhail Grigorenko).
  • 54:55 4:3 (Severstal). 55 Alexander Suvorov (6 Ilya Ivantsov).
  • 59:47 5:3 (CSKA). 94 Kamenev Vladislav (93 Sergeev Artem, 89 Nesterov Nikita).