Sorkin's double and Plotnikov's puck brought victory in the derby

Sorkin's double and Plotnikov's puck brought victory in the derby

The derby against Spartak did not start according to plan for the CSKA players. In the very first minute Pavel Ordin opened the score — 0:1. The CSKA team became more active, but the created chances could not be converted into goals. But the guests, on the contrary, used their chances without mistakes. In the 12th minute Maxim Tsyplakov made the score 0:2 in favor of Spartak. In the future, CSKA managed to close the opponent in their zone several times, but without goals. A real chance appeared at the very end, when Nikolai Goldobin received a two-minute penalty. 

The CSKA started the second period with the power play, but they could not use it. Gradually, the game moved completely into the Spartak zone. The fruit of CSKA's onslaught was the first goal of the season for Maxim Sorkin. The young CSKA striker reduced the gap with a powerful touch throw from the passes of Mamin and Dietz — 1:2. The attacks of the CSKA continued, and Spartak fought back. The red-white removal of Andrei Svetlakov did not help. The defense fought back and CSKA's attacks continued. The second goal was a matter of time. Maxim Mamin did not use approach to the goal of Ribar, but gave a pass from the corner of the zone, and Maxim Sorkin scored a double — 2:2. There could have been a third puck in the goal of Spartak, but the frame of the goals helped the guests. 

In the third period, the fans didn't see any goals, but the CSKA players were very close to the puck. The game went into overtime, where CSKA again dissmissed the goalkeeper. For a long time it was not possible to use the numerical advantage. The tension was relieved by Sergey Plotnikov. The experienced forward of CSKA scored the winning goal and brought an important victory. It is noteworthy that in this derby Plotnikov scored his 100th point for CSKA in the KHL. There is a victory over a essential opponent!



  • 00:35 0:1 (Spartak). 24 Poryadin Pavel (17 Morozov Ivan).
  • 11:56 0:2 (Spartak). 9 Tsyplakov Maxim (85 Talaluev Ilya, 86 Zaitsev Egor).
  • 29:51 1:2 (CSKA). 27 Sorkin Maxim (98 Mamin Maxim, 44 Ditz Darren).
  • 37:59 2:2 (CSKA). 27 Sorkin Maxim (98 Mamin Maxim, 44 Ditz Darren).
  • 64:21 3:2 (CSKA). 16 Plotnikov Sergey (94 Kamenev Vladislav, 89 Nesterov Nikita).