Igor Nikitin: Every game is a new life

Igor Nikitin: Every game is a new life

Head coach of the army team Igor Nikitin summed up the results of the match "Avangard" - CSKA.

- How is Maxim Mamin's health? He was already preparing to play today. We hope that he will play in the next match. Will Max return to this line? I'm not ready to talk about it yet. We need to analyze everything.

What can you say about two Robinson's misconduct penalties for throwing the puck outside the playing area? There was no second penalty, and as to the first one I could say that everything happens. Why did we have two mercenaries on the offence? Because Max Mamin has not played today. I agree that Popov adequately replaced him. This is a ready-made forward group. Sania had already played with them that season and during the playoffs. He is an experienced player; he has played with many teams.


Every game is a new life. We kept doing what we wanted to do. There were no supporting words for the players. It's a tough game, we're getting ready to move on.