Kaprizov's 100th and 101th goals bring CSKA victory in Sochi

Kaprizov's 100th and 101th goals bring CSKA victory in Sochi

CSKA came on top of HC Sochi thanks to two goals by its top-scorer

CSKA came to the capital of 2014 Winter Olympic Games after big win in Kazan. Their opponent, HC Sochi, made some changes in the coaching staff, releasing soon-to-be Hall of Famer Sergei Zubov and appointing Leonids Beresnevs as an interim head coach.

'It wont'be a light walk for us', said CSKA senior coach Dmitry Yushkevich prior to the game; it turned out to be true. Less than five minutes into the first period, CSKA had lost Grigorenko, who blocked the shot, left the ice, and did not come back that night. Kaprizov took the double-shift duties, replacing Grigorenko in third line while still maintaining his own place at the first. Despite early Grigorenko exit, armymen took advantage and even scored a goal, but it was overturned after video review, as Tolchinsky sent the puck to the goal with his foot and not his stick. 

Second period didn't offer teams many moments to break the scoreless tie. But near the second intermission Tolchinsky was boarded by Sochi's defenseman Petrov and also went to the locker room. This incident ignited the flame in CSKA players, and they converted the powerplay. Nesterov fired from the point, Nalimov made the save but the puck bounced right to the Kaprizov, who made no miss, scoring his 100th goal in the league. Few seconds before the break Kirill scored again, now off of the perfect pass from Sekac.

Third period went under CSKA's control. Armymen had a few chances for a third one, but couldn't convert them. But in defence red-and-blue were flawless and helped Johansson to get his third shutout of the season.

October 13th, 2019. Bolshoi Ice Palace, Sochi, Russia 
HC Sochi – CSKA Moscow – 0:2 (0:0, 0:2, 0:0)

  • 37:08   0:1       97.Kaprizov (19.Vey, 89.Nesterov). CSKA. Power play goal

  • 39:45   0:2       97.Kaprizov (19.Vey, 92.Sekac). CSKA

Game stats:

Shots: 44 (14-12-18) – 41 (10-17-14)
Shots on goal: 20 (7-5-8) – 24 (6-8-10)
Faceoffs: 21 (8-6-7) – 22 (6-9-7)
Blocked shots: 6 (1-3-2) – 11 (3-4-4)
Hits: 18 (8-4-6) – 6 (4-0-2)
Time on attack: 07:54 (02:07-02:16-03:31) – 10:49 (03:23-03:53-03:33)
Penalty: 10 (2-6-2) – 8 (2-2-4)


HC Sochi:

34.Nalimov (44.Shikin)

93.Shmelyov – 87.Rosen – 88.Stromvall
15.Bertilsson – 23.Vorobyov

17.Krikunov (C) – 81.Collins (А) – 13.Kaletnik
47.Petrov (А) – 75.Pogorishny

21.Lugin – 33.Tochitsky – 96.Altybarmakyan
2.Alexandrov – 58.Yelizarov

9.Arkhipov – 16.Tomilin – 43.Kapustin; 10.Starkov


31.Johansson (90.Sorokin)

97.Kaprizov – 87.Svetlakov – 71.Okulov
88.Blazhiyevsky – 89.Nesterov (C)

98.Mamin – 78.Shalunov – 9.Slepyshev
38.Naumenkov – 53.Marchenko

92.Sekac – 19.Vey – 25.Grigorenko
6.Dahlback – 37.Robinson (A)

22.Popov (А) – 15.Karnaukhov – 10.Tolchinsky