CSKA emerged victorious in 'Battle of Moscow'

CSKA emerged victorious in 'Battle of Moscow'

CSKA got the victory against Dynamo Moscow in a very close game.

'The battle of Moscow' – that's how the game between Dynamo Moscow and CSKA was dubbed by the home team in the pre-game show. And the battle is what it was.

Both teams put the pedal to the metal right from the starting faceoff. Dynamo got first scoring chance after Shipachyov's shot, the Armymen replied with good attack from the 4th line. But after then, despite good tempo and physicality, both opponents have struggled to produce a scoring chance for a while. The best opportunity to break a scoreless tie was when Vey one-timed a feed from Kaprizov, but the puck hit the outer side of the net. Moments later Vey was in the spotlight again, but in the negative light. While trying to reach the puck, CSKA's forward missed his goal and hit Kulyomin in a very sensitive spot. Major and game misconduct for slashing was the verdict from officials. CSKA units tried their best, but 17 seconds to go in the PK they allowed Petersson to recieve the pass from Shipachyov in the slot and put the puck above Sorokin's glove. So after one it was 1:0 Dynamo.

Minutes into the second period, and Armymen have tied the game. Svetlakov has found Slepyshev all alone in front of the net, and Anton easily dealed with the goalie. In the next shift, Naumenkov could've made it 2:1 for CSKA, but Bocharov has read his intensions and got the save. At the halfway point CSKA coaches put on the ice 19-year-old Maxim Sorkin, for whom that game happened to be his KHL debut. The youngblood had tried to make it the night to remember. First two shifts – and two scoring chances, one from the drive to the net from the corner, and other with a good wrist shot. Nevertheless, the numbers on the scoreboard remained the same – 1:1 after two. Third period had to be thrilling.

And it was. On six-minutes mark CSKA performed a deadly strike. Karnaukhov blocked the shot, Tolchinsky retrieved the puck, went supersonic, delivered it to the attack zone and made a drop pass to Mamin. Maxim decided to shoot from the faceoff circle and hit the top corner. But the game (and the thrill) wasn't over yet. After CSKA's turnover, Dynamo could've scored not one, not two, but three times – and all three times Armymen were saved by the pipes. Home team players hadn't abandoned their hope to tie the game until the last seconds, but CSKA could withstand and emerged victorious from the 'Battle of Moscow'.

October 16th, 2019. VTB Arena, Moscow, Russia 
Dynamo Moscow – CSKA Moscow – 1:2 (1:0, 0:1, 0:1)

  • 12:58  1:0       20.Petersson (87.Shipachyov, 67.Cajkovski). Dynamo. PPG

  • 22:01  1:1       9.Slepyshev (38.Naumenkov, 87.Svetlakov). CSKA

  • 45:18  1:2       98.Mamin (10.Tolchinsky, 15.Karnaukhov). CSKA

Game stats:

Shots: 55 (18-12-25) – 50 (14-20-16)
Shots on goal: 23 (9-5-9) – 25 (5-11-9)
Faceoffs: 30 (6-8-16) – 23 (9-8-6)
Blocked shots: 11 (4-3-4) – 19 (8-3-8)
Hits: 15 (1-5-9) – 9 (2-3-4)
Time on attack: 08:37 (03:28-02:49-02:20) – 07:46 (02:13-03:44-01:49)
PIM: 0 (0-0-0) – 25 (25-0-0)



60.Bocharov (1.Yeryomenko)

20.Petersson – 87.Shipachyov (C) – 23.Jaskin
17.Hietanen – 67.Cajkovski

83.Bryukvin – 16.Polygalov – 70.Indrasis
86.Zaitsev – 2.Lyamin

18.Moiseyev – 56.Igumnov – 95.Kulyomin (A)
4.Grigoryev – 94.Mironov (A)

91.Mikhailov – 65.Yefremov – 71.Muranov
55.Boikov – 89.Ogurtsov


90.Sorokin (31.Johansson)

92.Sekac – 19.Vey – 97.Kaprizov
6.Dahlback – 37.Robinson (A)

98.Mamin – 78.Shalunov – 71.Okulov
55.Kiselevich – 53.Marchenko

9.Slepyshev – 87.Svetlakov – 7.Telegin (A)
38.Naumenkov – 89.Nesterov (C)

21.Kalinin – 15.Karnaukhov – 10.Tolchinsky; 27.Sorkin