CSKA leads the series 3:1

CSKA leads the series 3:1

In the fourth match of the series, Andrey Svetlakov returned to CSKA. An experienced CSKA striker added power to the team in single fights. In the very first minutes, Alexander Radulov was eliminated, but CSKA could not convert the numerical advantage. The score in the game was opened by the guests: Galiev threw, and Semenov finished off from a spot — 0:1. The CSKA players were able to even the score when drawing extra. Konstantin Okulov threw at Bilyalov's goal, and Anton Slepyshev corrected it — 1:1 

In the second period, the fans didn't see any goals, but the teams had plenty of chances. At the end of the game segment, CSKA made a real pile on the goals of Ak Bars, but the puck miraculously did not go into the goal. The score is the same after forty minutes of the game. 

In the third period Vladislav Kamenev scored a miracle goal from behind the goal. For the remaining four and a half minutes, the guests tried to equalize the score. But CSKA withstood the onslaught and won a strong-willed victory in the fourth match of the final. The score in the series is 3:1 in favor of CSKA. The fifth match of the confrontation will take place on April 25 in Kazan.



  • 10:48 0:1 (Ak Bars). 94 Kirill Semenov (22 Stanislav Galiev).
  • 14:35 1:1 (CSKA). 9 Slepyshev Anton (89 Nesterov Nikita, 71 Okulov Konstantin).
  • 55:27 2:1 (CSKA). 94 Kamenev Vladislav (71 Okulov Konstantin).