Igor Nikitin: We go game by game

CSKA head coach Igor Nikitin spoke about win against Severstal.

Overall, we had a good game, Nikitin said, We had a moments when we've made ourselves some problems by taking unnecessary penalties. But at the end of the day our guys tried their best and compensated for those mistakes thanks to their will. We scored good goals. I'm satisfied with this victory. And we prepare for the next game.

You had tough home games but started on the road with big win. What is the reason for that?

I wouldn't say that it's a big win. We had some luck when we were scoring those goals. The opponent had enough chances. Games differ. This is the start of the season, some teams've got their conditions, others haven't, some are in the middle of it. Moreover, half of our guys started their preseason work later than the others. I wouldn't divide home games from away games. We go game by game and continue our preparation.