Yaroslav Dyblenko: We must be psychologically stable in any situation

Yaroslav Dyblenko: We must be psychologically stable in any situation

The CSKA defender told about the victory in the fourth match of the series.

— We played well in the fourth match, used our chances. There were also a lot of chances in the previous games, we threw a lot, but this time we managed to implement everything. We scored in the power play, defended while short-handed — the game was good for us, but I can't say that in previous matches the game was worse. Unfortunately, the result was unsatisfactory, but this time everything worked out. 

— After two defeats from Severstal, the fans began to worry. What was the situation in the team at that moment?

— We must be psychologically stable in any situation. You see, we shouldn't panic after a couple of defeats. The score in the series was 2:1 and nothing terrible happened. Everything is levelling out and getting better. 

— Nevertheless, in the third period the opponent slightly reduced the gap. What happened those moments?

— Somewhere we lost our vigilance, somewhere we wanted to score even more. I can't say that we got some supernatural goals. The opponent scored — it happens, it's okay. 

— How to act at home to consolidate success?

— We need to do everything that helped us achieve a result in the fourth game. Everyone tried, fought for each other, played agressively. You need to be disciplined, convert your throws — then the victories will come. 

— Sometimes the CSKA fan sector shouted over the hosts. Are you waiting for the same support at home? 

— I can hear it, of course. Thank you to the fans for coming to Cherepovets to support us in these two matches. And, I hope, our fans will drive us forward on the home arena. We always hear our fans — many thanks to everyone!