Yaroslav Dyblenko: We felt confident today

Yaroslav Dyblenko: We felt confident today

The defender of CSKA summed up the results of the first match with Lokomotiv. 

— We always expect from such teams that there will be aggression, pressure. But it was still easier to play than with Severstal. The players from Cherepovets ran unpredictably, gave diagonal passes. Lokomotiv is a more systematic team, more aggressive. They owe us a favor. They are fighting, but we also tried today. 

— They don't expect sparkling hockey from the Lokomotiv and CSKA series. Are you comfortable in this style of play?

— We are comfortable as it is. We need to convert our chances. We felt at ease today, everything is fine.

— Your last goal was on October 15, 2022. Is every goal special? 

— Goal is goal, I'm a defender. I am required to play reliably in defense. When I score, it's a pleasant, joyful event. 

— Your goal turned out after connecting. How did you feel this moment? 

— The judge raised his hand to the deferred penalty. Any interception will not be an opponent's attack, but a whistle. I drove up, and Maxim Mamin gave a great pass — I just threw at the goal. 

— Did CSKA give the initiative at the start, or was it Lokomotiv who pressed so hard? 

— We have played six games with them this season. They understood that they had to wait. We were preparing for such hockey, the opponent did not show anything new. Yes, they started the first period well, a lot of shots, aggression. We got used to it and turned the tide of the match.