Vsevolod Skotnikov: I see that the level is very serious

Vsevolod Skotnikov: I see that the level is very serious

The goalkeeper of CSKA spoke about the start of training camps in Minsk. 

— The first day of training camp is over, the training went well. We got into the process a little, warmed up, played football. Everyone liked it, the guys were satisfied. 

— This is not the first time the team has come to Minsk for training camps. What are the conditions here?

— I have not been here before, I came for the first time. I see that the level is very serious. It is not surprising that the team comes here to prepare. 

— One of the most pleasant traditions of training camps in Minsk is a trip to visit Pavel Karnaukhov. Have you heard anything about such plans?

— I've never been there yet, I've heard about such a trip. I've only seen photos before, there's a cool atmosphere there. This is an ideal option for a weekend at the training camp. The boys said it was great there. 

— The schedule of the camp is always very busy. How do you relax in your free time?

— At the training camp, I play the console most of the time. I play FIFA, Fortnite. 

— In that case, will there be a tournament within the team at the training camp? 

— Not yet, but you can try and organize it!