Maxim Sorkin: Vityaz is a good team, they always tune in to us

Maxim Sorkin: Vityaz is a good team, they always tune in to us

— As for a CSKA pupil, do you have additional emotions from participating in the derby?

— I think not. A derby is a derby. There are a lot of games in the season and you need to tune in the same way for each one. It's good that we won, let's move on. 

— The first period of the derby was not the most successful. After the break, we managed to turn the game around — tell us more about it.

— Probably, there was not enough concentration in the first period. We overslept the start, but then corrected the situation. We started holding the puck and acting correctly.

— For two periods in the last match, the power play did not work. What is the reason for this?
— Of course, they dismantled us before the game. There are a combination of factors here: they played well and we may be not as well as usual.

— Spartak equalized the score after a curious goal. Could it have affected the result of the match?

— It depends on how you treat it. We treated it right, as if nothing had happened. We continued to play correctly. It had no effect.

— The match with Vityaz is ahead. This season CSKA played here after returning from the Far East, the meeting was very persistent. What's the game going to be like today?

— I think there will also be a hard game. Vityaz is a good team, they always tune in to us. We are waiting for a good game.

— Then CSKA will go to St. Petersburg, you need to take revenge again — what can you say about the next trip?

— SKA is now the leader of the table, it will be a very fighting game. But first we need to play with Vityaz, and then think about the next matches.