Vasily Dronyk: The main thing is not to be nervous

Vasily Dronyk: The main thing is not to be nervous

Vasily Dronyk shared his impressions of his debut for the main team of CSKA.

— Emotions are only positive, thank you for the opportunity. I am very happy about this event, I tried to show my maximum, I played easier somewhere, but I think I gave my all and thank you again for the victory.

— Not the most successful start of the match, what do you associate it with and what did they talk about during the break?

— I can't connect it with something, it's just that the challanger probably started very actively, maybe they were lucky somewhere. During the break, they talked about the need to move the puck into someone else's zone and play more in attack.

— The youth team has a very successful season, a lot of scores. Are you surprised to be called up to the main team?

— I was surprised, thanks again for the opportunity. There was no nervousness, I was more interested in how and what was there. When I came out on the ice, there was no nervousness, and after a couple of shifts I was already getting into the game.

— Have you talked to more senior partners, what were the tips?

— They just said not to worry, it was easier to play and there was nothing much else.