Sergey Plotnikov: The overtime game is our livelyhoods

Sergey Plotnikov: The overtime game is our livelyhoods

The CSKA striker commented on the victory over Dynamo in the derby.

— I think it turned out to be a sharp game. They didn't let the audience relax, the score was close. There were a lot of good chances for us and the opposing team. It's good that we found the strength to win back and get back into the game. The overtime game is our livelyhoods. 

— This time there were a lot of losses in the middle zone. Why? 

— Playing with an empty goal is always dangerous. We take this risk and it often turns out well, so it is justified. 

— How to prepare for such games after the holidays? The atmosphere must relax you. How many salads have you eaten? 

— I can only speak for myself. There were two days off, I celebrated calmly, modestly. I have a small child, I need to get enough sleep more often. We go to bed early. 

— Is there any specifics of preparation after a small vacation? 

— Yes, it must be hard after Russian salad to get fit. In the first training session after the holidays, you need to get involved and be mentally ready for the games.