Sergey Fedorov: Let's analyze the mistakes, let's prepare for the second game

Sergey Fedorov: Let's analyze the mistakes, let's prepare for the second game

CSKA head coach Sergey Fedorov commented on the first match of the final series.

— Congrats on "Ak Bars" with a victory, scored on time, defended on time. Unfortunately, we didn't converted a couple of chances, plus we made a couple of mistakes. And so, the game is good, high speeds, the teams did everything possible to secure the goal. We will analyze the mistakes, we will prepare for the second game. We had a lot of space in the attack zone, we will rebuild a little.

— For the first time during the season, Andrey Svetlakov was not in the roster, what happened?

— Andrey is not in Kazan, he is ill. Will he return to the roster for the second game? We'll see.

— In the first period, CSKA spent three times more time on the attack. Is there no disappointment that you scored only one goal?

— If we are talking about the final, then in the first period the outcomes of the matches are not decided. The result is on the scoreboard. Yes, we had moments, hot on the heels – this is a slightly different opponent, not the ones we played in the previous three rounds. We will discuss some points with the guys. When the goalkeeper sees – he can catch any puck, we need to work.

— In the first period, CSKA dominated the throw-ins, then the opponent reversed this trend, why?

— Attitude, desire. The point is a single combat.

— To what extent is Zinetula Bilyaletdinov a difficult opponent in this chess game?

— I think Zinetula watched us, I watched the games of Ak Bars. They understood who would follow whom, in what combinations.

— How would you rate Adam Reideborn's game today, he missed four goals, can we say that he didn't help out at some extent?

— I can't say that he didn't help out. Adam played a good game. I think in some moments we did not help him, he has the least complaints.

— He spent several seasons in Kazan, maybe they know his weaknesses here?

— Maybe so, I don't know. But that was a few years ago.

— You have been standing on a bench with a stopwatch for a long time, what do you need it for?

— I've been standing with it for the fourth round, watching the shift time on him.

— How does the current opponent differ from the previous ones?

— A very organized team in the defense zone. It is clear that it is possible to move the puck around the perimeter in the defense of Ak Bars. We didn't meet crazy pressure in our own zone. It is necessary to add at the disposal of the puck and sharpness.

— What is Maxim Mamin's state of health?

— I've seen him, but I haven't had time to talk to the doctors yet. I hope everything is fine.

— Are you not shaken by rumors about your possible appointment to different NHL clubs? How do you react to this news?

— Calmly. Before you said that, I didn't know much about it. The topic is closed, I clearly answered about it last year. I have a contract with CSKA.

— CSKA had the best power play before the series, today they missed both in the power play and short-handed. Did something come as a surprise?

— I hope we will not allow this to happen again and return to the game that brings results.