Sergey Fedorov: There is one secret – hard work, dedication of people around you

Sergey Fedorov: There is one secret – hard work, dedication of people around you

The head coach of CSKA commented on the victory in the Gagarin Cup.

— What is the difference between this championship and last year's?

— I had to delve into all the details of the game of the whole team, which consists of three goalkeepers and ‑20 forwards and defenders. There are a lot of things, a lot of different directions... the secret is the hard work, dedication of the people around you — I'm talking about the coaching staff — and, of course, the guys. We have players who have played 90 games without missing a pass! Well done! Chapeau.

— At what point in the match did you realize that the championship would not go away?

— We didn't have such a mood and there's cannot be such a mood. We are professionals, we get a certain fee for this. My task is to set up our guys, explain, show how you can play great, guide and then demand.

— Did it annoy you when they started saying that CSKA is following the path of Metallurg last year, who gave the series away with 3-1? It seemed that at press ‑conferences these comparisons hurt you.

— It was emotions after the matches. Again, we didn't have the mood that we were in one boat or another. We were in the mood to continue working. We have to worry because we are all human beings. The guys accepted it, well done! Short memory played a role. There was nothing like what happened last year, there was nothing now. This year we led with 3-1, that year we lost with 1-3. These are different emotions. Each game from this account is different and has a different meaning, both psychological and technical and ‑tactical.