Sergey Fedorov: We will try to draw the right conclusions

Sergey Fedorov: We will try to draw the right conclusions

The head coach of CSKA summed up the results of the sixth match of the series.

- Congratulations to Severstal on the victory. We scored goals very timely. In my opinion, our start was encouraging, but we didn't score. We played our chances strangely: very academically, instead of being aimed at the goal, at the throw, at creating a good scoring pass. Unfortunately, this did not happen. It is difficult to comment on anything, we have received several dissmissals. Well, a few gross mistakes prevented us from moving on in this game. As a whole, in the third period, having a territorial advantage, we could not create a sharp attack or at least score one goal. It's a pity that we missed an opportunity against such a team. No, I can't say that we got some experience today that will be useful to us. One thing is clear: whoever wanted today not even to win, but to do their job efficiently more, probably did it. In this case, unfortunately, these are not our guys. We will try to draw the right conclusions and prepare for the seventh game. 

— For the second match in a row, according to you, the players at some point begin to engage in academic hockey. For the first time in a season, not a single goal was scored. What is the reason for this?

— We could not convert the chances that we created at the beginning of the game. Yes, unfortunately, we didn't score at all today. I have already explained the reasons for this. The opponent scored on time, according to the game. Then we made a mistake, got dissmissed. Well, we made a gross mistake when we scored the second goal. Nothing foreshadowed this, just the inattention of our guys led to this goal. Also, the game did not work out at the end of the match, because the puck did not stay in the attack zone. Unfortunately, we played on the perimeter. Yes, there are some minuses everywhere. The only plus is that there is another chance to finish the job. To play correctly, to achieve the result that the guys themselves and our fans are waiting for.