Sergey Fedorov: we have never sit on a lead and will not

Sergey Fedorov: we have never sit on a lead and will not

The head coach of CSKA answered journalists' questions after the victory in Yaroslavl.

- We came to Yaroslavl after two defeats, it was quite a sensitive topic for us. Today, the team slightly blocked our bad trends and made them good. We played the way we wanted, the way we could, the way we trained. I'm glad for the guys who responded to some requests from the coaching staff, played all 60 minutes. Before that, we had 12 different periods. The opponent today was serious, very organized. Congratulations to the guys, keep working.

- There are a lot of lost face-offs today. What happened to this component?

- It surprised me too. There is a certain trend, since the beginning of the season we have not been playing very well at the spot. We will draw certain conclusions. All the guys who play on the spot are experienced.

- The second goal was scored by a young striker. How will you find a balance between experience and youth during the season?

- All the young guys have been with us all last season, so this year, too, from the first training camp. We have a group of young guys that we work with. They want and can play in the first team, although they don't have much playing time, but it is a very useful experience for them, and it is very important for the team that we have such young people who can give respite for the three starting lines-up.

- In the third period, did CSKA start to sit on a lead or did Lokomotiv step up?

- I think Lokomotiv has definitely stepped up, the game was at home. We have never sit on a lead and will not. Maybe it seems that way from the outside. In the third period, it was difficult for us after two unsuccessful games, because the opponent progressed.