Sergey Fyodorov: I would like to thank our fans

Sergey Fyodorov: I would like to thank our fans

CSKA head coach summed up the results of the match and the series.

— It's unnecessary to ‑say anything about the game. Locomotive has its well-deserved victory. It's a good series, a strong one. I thank our guys for the season, not everything worked out, we played in waves. The first game here gave us some ‑hope, but ‑still it was difficult for us to show the level that the ‑playoffs require. The result is natural. I would like to thank our fans, they supported us. I hope we didn't upset them too much. A lot needs to be analyzed. We need to think about how to work and live on.

— It seemed that CSKA was not ready for the pressure of the opponent. Why is that?

— I will not comment on this, because in our opinion the opponent was faster than us. But the first three goals that Lokomotiv scored are not quite standard for us. Our goalkeeper didn't see the puck, there were a lot of ricochets, bounces. The series was quite persistent. One or ‑two goals decided all the games. Our players seemed to be in place, but the puck still passed and went into the goal. For reasons we know, we were unable to contain the opponent's pressure.

— It seemed that CSKA was able to turn the game around…

— The guys returned to the game, but got an unnecessary goal in two seconds. The guys did not play according to the scheme that should have been. We made a mistake that cost us a goal. The opponent won the face-off and scored an important goal.

— Which match was the decisive one in the series?

— I won't tell you now, that's not what I'm thinking.

— Why didn't you change Fedotov?

— There was no need for a replacement. Ivan made no mistakes. The goals are good for the opponent, but not very standard for us. I told Ivan, "Keep working, we need you."

— This is the first time you've lost a ‑playoff series as a coach.

— Every success has a price. In the end, it was all over. We've had wins and losses this season. It takes time to analyze.